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Floor Stripping and Waxing Long Island New York

floor stripping and waxing long island new york

At ABC Janitorial Services, we are the premier and most trusted company in commercial floor stripping and waxing.  Founded in 1986, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are trained and have daily experience floor stripping and waxing.  Nothing looks more unprofessional to potential clients and consumers than entering a building with a dirty and unkempt floor.  With that in mind, we have developed a fast and affordable system to strip and wax floors to return a professional look and shine to your commercial flooring.


ABC janitorial is a full scale Long Island commercial floor stripping and waxing service, with many new machines, which are screened and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the best finish possible.

We do all the work of floor stripping and waxing so that you don’t need to do it yourselves.  We save our customers not only the cost, but also the time and effort required to professionally strip and wax a floor.  Without proper experience and training, it is possible to both damage and incur repair costs for a botched or lousy floor stripping and waxing job.  There is no reason to take such a financial risk.

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Floor Stripping Long Island

We use the best machineries and equipment available.  We offer high speed electric buffing and burnishing machines to create a durable, near mirror like shine on our stripped and waxed floors.  We use ultra-high speed propane machines for larger corporate accounts, when needed and necessary.  We own new carpet and tile-grout cleaning machines designed to make your carpets and ceramic tiles and grout look new.  Also, when needed, we are willing to use multiple machines for larger jobs to ensure that the cleaning reflects the professionalism of the office and commercial business and company.

At ABC Janitorial Services we are family owned and operated.  We provide honest, reliable, quality floor stripping and waxing cleaning services to Long Island and throughout the surrounding areas.  We value quality, affordability, and safety in all of our work and work environments.  When possible, we go green and respect and protect the environment while cleaning your work space.  We are a full service cleaning company specializing in nearly all forms of cleaning and restoration, both inside and out of residential, commercial, and professional buildings, as well as specializing in floor stripping and waxing.

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