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Long Island Pressure Washing for Decks, Aluminum Siding & More

Carpets and floors aren’t the only part of your property that require regular cleaning. Impurities from the environment such as pollen, dirt, and mold can actually embed themselves into your outdoor surfaces, creating an unsightly film! Keep your siding, decks, and other exterior structures in top-notch condition by contacting ABC Janitorial & Cleaning Services to schedule professional pressure washing services.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the pressure washing business and uses only the very finest pressure washing techniques and tools to ensure a complete clean. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your property's aesthetics after a pressure wash, and regular power washing services can even help extend the longevity of your deck, concrete, or siding, so don’t hesitate—invest in this effective property maintenance treatment today! ABC Janitorial and Cleaning - Power Washed Deck

When you call in ABC Janitorial & Cleaning, your power washing professional will begin by assessing your project and developing a customized, effective plan.

Once we’ve determined how to approach your power washing needs based on your surface type and the magnitude of your project, we will hook up our pressure wash machine to your water source. Using long, steady strokes, we will blast your surface with a combination of pressurized water, heat, and detergent that will dislodge even the most deeply embedded impurities, leaving you with a deep clean that no regular garden hose could ever achieve!

Long Island Pressure Washing for Decks, Aluminum Siding & MoreOur team uses special caution around sensitive areas such as windows and corners, and will treat your property with the utmost respect to prevent any damages from occurring during the pressure wash process. For best results, it is a good idea to pressure wash house and deck debris away at least once a year. The ABC Janitorial & Cleaning team is available for both one-time and routine pressure washing.

Whether you are interested in power washing for all of your exterior structures or you are only interested in pressure washing your house's siding, we are the name to know on Long Island and Manhattan. Put your best face forward: Call today to set up an appointment for excellent results from a trusted pressure washing business.

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